Our mission is to:

  1. Provide higher education to meet the highest academic excellence standards.
  2. Conduct and transfer research on instructional innovation and educational knowledge to address and solve both local and nationwide educational challenges.
  3. Provide academic services to the local community and strengthen the overall education system locally and nationwide.
  4. Conduct the CMU Demonstration School with academic excellence and so as to support the Faculty’s mission.
  5. Preserve and nurture our religious and cultural heritage, and sustainably develop the resources of the unique natural environment of Northern Thailand.



  1. The CMU Faculty of Education is determined to create teachers and educational personnel at all levels with strong morals and academic excellence in both the arts and the sciences.
  2. The CMU Faculty of Education intends develop the science of education by ongoing cutting-edge research and discovery of new knowledge for the benefit of Northern Thailand and the nation as a whole.
  3. The CMU Faculty of Education’s academic service activities are expected to develop people’s quality of life, promote and preserve cultural heritage, and advance the unique natural environment.



The CMU Faculty of Education will be an institution that produces the highest quality teachers and develops and promotes educational expertise for sustainable long-term educational excellence.