Assistant Professor Dr. NONGLUCK KIENNGAM

Assistant Professor Dr. NONGLUCK KIENNGAM
Assistant Professor Dr. NONGLUCK KIENNGAM
ตำแหน่ง : Asst.Prof. in Division of Educational Psychology and Guidance

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  • 2020 :Head of Education Psychology and Guidance Program Faculty  of Education Chiang Mai  University ,the Current Chairman of Teaching and Learning  Master Degree and Ph.D Program in Education Psychology,Executive Committee of Graduate Studies of Education Faculty Chiang Mai University
  • 2016-2019: Position ,Deputy Director of Academic Administration Group Chiang Mai University Demonstration School
  • 2009-2011 :Assistant Dean for Quality Development Faculty of Education Students 

Teaching experience in Graduate Level

  • PhD : 063718 Curriculum and teaching for students with special characteristics,069804 Current issues and trend in curriculum development and teaching
  • Master’Degree : 069712 Mental health and adaptation,069720 School Guidance Service,069710 Psychological counseling tool and techniques 
  • Bachelor Degree: 100201 Education psychology,100112 psychology for student development in digital era,100109 Model of teacherness for modern classroom
  • High School: Guidance activities


Research Interests 

  • Development of Participatory Guidance Programs for Enhancing Digital Intelligence for lower Secondary School Student


Research Project 

  • 2020: A Study of Stress  Level  and Coping  Strategies  of  High  School Students  Chiang Mai Province



  • 2020: A study of stress levels and coping methods of upper secondary school student.
  • 2019: learning experience organization along multicultural education of early childhood children in Chiang Mai .
  • 2018: The relationship between gaming behavior and self -esteem of lower secondary school student.